piirus.ac.uk update to policies - what you need to know

This page informs users of important changes to the piirus.ac.uk service and its legal policies. This page displays current policy updates. Go to Past Policy Updates for previous updates.

These updates are effective from Monday 23 May 2016

What are the reasons for the changes to the Piirus website legal documents?

We’ve been working with people across the sector to better understand how Piirus can help you. So, we’ve made a few changes and we’re pleased to tell you that Piirus is improving its service.

PiirusMatch - connecting expertise to the public and third sectors

We’re delighted to announce the launch of PiirusMatch. This brand new service opens up exclusive opportunities for independent fee-based consultancy for researchers. It matches your expertise to organisations in the public and not-for-profit sector who are looking for support with small-scale projects and activities. All you need to do to take advantage of this exclusive, free, no-obligation service is to opt in to become a Piirus Associate as part of your Piirus membership. Find out more about this innovative service.

Our unique relationship with jobs.ac.uk

jobs.ac.uk is the world’s leading job board for academic, research and science careers. Launched by the Higher Education sector in 1998 jobs.ac.uk connects academics with career opportunities worldwide. We’re delighted to announce that Piirus is now part of the jobs.ac.uk family.

Our unique relationship with jobs.ac.uk means that you can explore the global, academic jobs market and sign up to receive job alert emails as part of your Piirus membership.

piirus.ac.uk - the trusted international profiling service from the HE sector

There are commercial profiling services available. However we believe the global Higher Education sector needs a profiling service that is ethically delivered and managed by the sector. To reflect our academic status, our unique position in the international HE sector and our relationship with jobs.ac.uk - we’re delighted to announce that we’re moving to the highly trusted ac.uk web domain and Piirus will now be known as piirus.ac.uk.

A summary of the main changes

When will these changes become effective?

These updates are effective from Monday 23 May 2016.

What do I need to do?

Current members - need take no action other than to read the new documents.

New members - when you join you will be presented with the checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions for piirus.ac.uk and a link where you can read the legal policies.

What do I do if I don’t want to accept these changes?

New members - you simply exit from the join process and do not join piirus.ac.uk. Any information gathered as part of the join process is expunged as part of our data management process.

Existing members - sign into piirus.ac.uk as normal and delete your account. For help with deleting your account go here.

Where are the previous versions of Piirus legal documents?

Previous policy updates are archived here