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piirus.ac.uk is a free networking website for the global research community brought to you by jobs.ac.uk, the leading job board for academic, research and science careers. piirus.ac.uk enables researchers and people who support researchers to identify and connect with collaborators across all disciplines, countries and sectors.

piirus.ac.uk is free to join if you're at an academic institution, research centre, working independently or on a break from research. You can join if you are a doctoral researcher, early career researcher or more advanced in your career. We also welcome researchers working independently or on a career break. So, create a free profile and start collaborating today.

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It's quick, easy and free to join the piirus.ac.uk community and start connecting and collaborating.

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Enter your details including collaboration interests, research areas and methodologies. Attach your LinkedIn, Twitter, blog links and link to your ORCiD account.

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piirus.ac.uk will match your profile with relevant collaborators. You can also search for members with particular interests, expertise or techniques.

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Enjoy and start sharing knowledge with collaborators. You can also contact researchers directly.

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Developed by the Higher Education Sector

piirus.ac.uk is unique because it's the only website of its kind to be funded and developed solely by the Higher Education sector. jobs.ac.uk and the University of Warwick identified that connecting researchers at the earliest stages of a research idea was a universal problem. So, piirus.ac.uk was launched in 2013.

piirus.ac.uk enables researchers to quickly identify and connect with great minds around the world. Today piirus.ac.uk is home to thousands of members from thousands of institutions. It's a great example of how the Higher Education community can work together to accelerate global research outcomes, tackle the world's biggest challenges and make a real difference.


jobs.ac.uk is the world's leading job board for academic, research and science careers. Launched by the Higher Education sector in 1998 jobs.ac.uk connects academics with career opportunities worldwide.

piirus.ac.uk and jobs.ac.uk are perfect partners. Together our digital platforms offer the international academic community all kinds of great career, networking and collaborative opportunities. More than that we'll support you at every stage of your career. We're home to jobs and careers advice. We'll help you connect with PhD opportunities and collaborators to support your PhD application. We'll also help you grow your network, prepare for your next research challenge and make lifelong research connections.

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