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Unfortunately, we are no longer taking new registrations for the network. On October 31st 2017 Piirus will be absorbed by the sector leading global, where we will continue to provide thought leading content, bringing you research and articles alongside our blogs and social media activity. This decision will enable us to provide a […] are no longer taking registrations

#whywedoresearch: more than a hashtag, it is the foundation of a way of life

#whywedoresearch It’s a nice hashtag – #whywedoresearch. But what does it really mean in an uncertain, insecure academic climate? How do we answer that question when on the bad days we’re struggling to find an answer much beyond ‘I really don’t know because I am very tired’. And on some days, my answer would be […]

#whywedoresearch: more than a hashtag, it is the foundation of a way of life

Playing the research game

We’re delighted to bring you a blogpost from Arun Verma, PhD student at University of Dundee (who has just submitted his thesis). Arun is also one of our past correspondents, who writes today as a guest blogger. Recent conversations with colleagues have kept bringing up this notion that academic research is a game to be […]

Playing the research game

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